Fly Little Sparrow

Fly Little Sparrow

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Lisa Brennan and Lizzie Flynn come together to sing harmonies that emulate riding on the wings of a strong-willed bird. Heading on a flight path of beautiful harmonic arrangements, their eclectic repertoire and commentary will take you on a journey from fragility to hope.

Fly Little Sparrow debuted at the 2019 Illawarra Folk Festival, with a five-piece line up which included double bass, violin, and drums. Songwriters in their own right, Lisa and Lizzie have performed in various bands and projects.

Lisa Brennan, was a part of Triple J’s first unearthed band ‘Ode to a Goldfish’, which saw her supporting acts like The Finn Brothers, Christine Anu, The Whitlams and many others. Lisa has also supported acts as a solo artist like Jeff Lang, The Idea Of North, and Lucie Thorne. LisalazuliSongs

Lizzie Flynn writes songs that blend a little satirical storytelling with a lot of joyful emotion. She has been a vocalist and songwriter for a variety of bands and theatrical productions, and has performed at music festivals throughout Australia, including The Planting (Woodford 2018), Maleny Music Festival (2018) and Illawarra Folk Festival (2019).

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Fly Little Sparrow - Eudlo Music Night 2019