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Songwriter for Theatre Productions

Lizzie has written original songs for a number of theatre productions. She has worked with directors, producers and scriptwriters to create songs for a variety of genres.


It Takes A Lot Not to End Up Dead (2018 Queensland Cabaret Festival)

Driving down the highway gives you a lot of time to think. The reflection in the rear view mirror isn’t always as picturesque as you’d hoped… So hop in and hitch a ride on this road to redemption, where you can either drive down a highway of regret or try to find a brand new view. What could I have done differently? Where did I go wrong? If only I knew then what I know now.

It Takes a Lot Not to End Up Dead is a collection of original songs and stories that weave through a conversation with Lizzie and her younger self, played by Ella Macrokanis.

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My Dead Bunny (2017)

Based on the book by Sigi Cohen and illustrated by James Foley, adapted for the stage by Cassandra Ramsay and Timothy Wynn, with music and lyrics by Lizzie Flynn.

Synopsis: After his pet bunny Brad perishes in an electrifying accident, a young Boy struggles to say goodbye, but following a bizarre chain of events, it would seem that Bunny Brad’s journey isn’t quite over.

Odd odours, eerie earthworms, and strange shadows can only mean one thing – there’s an undead bunny going bump in the night. But with a cast of eccentric doctors, bizarre besties, creepy crawlies, peculiar parents, silly sisters, and ghoulish guests… defeating the undead may be a little tricky.

Delight in this new hare-raising musical adventure for the whole family bringing the creepy and hilarious picture book by Sigi Cohen and James Foley to life (in a deliciously zombie kind of way).

Created by THAT Production Company, the team behind the stage adaptations of The Tuckshop Kid and Eric Vale Epic Fail, this new premiere will thrill audiences of all ages.

More Info: That Production Company – My Dead Bunny

Song Titles: Ordinary Day, Brad was Fried, Except for Me, Do the Zombie Bunny, The Haunting, The Plan, Grand Hotel, Purrfection


Two Weeks With the Queen (2016)

Two Weeks With the Queen was adapted by Mary Morris, from the novel by Morris Gleitzman and presented by That Production at Studio 188 Ipswich with music and lyrics by Lizzie Flynn.

ea ear Your Majesty the Queen, I need to speak to you urgently…

If you want something done right, you should go right to the top, eh? At least that’s what 12-year-old Colin Mudford reckons. After all, a big brother has responsibilities.

After his kid sibling gets diagnosed with cancer Colin gets shipped off to live with his family in London. This turn of events doesn’t seem to be too bad though – now Colin can finally get in touch with the Queen and get her doctor to return with him to Sydney (the Australian doctors are being really slack). Brilliant!

Gather your courage and join Colin on his quest as he encounters a cast of countless characters including fastidious aunts, blustering uncles, nervous cousins, grouchy nurses, gentle Welshmen, confused Spanish tourists and more.

We are proud to bring the classic Australian story TWO WEEKS WITH THE QUEEN to Studio 188 26 years after Morris Gleitzman’s novel took the world by storm. In a brand new production featuring all new songs by Lizzie Flynn (the songwriter behind The Tuckshop Kid and Eric Vale, Epic Fail) this poignant and powerful is sure to inspire the whole family.

More Info: That Production Company – Two Weeks With The Queen

Song Titles: Message from the Queen, Feel the Rain, Circuit Breaker, The Real Me, Love You in This Life, Message to the Queen (Bob’s Rant), Love you in This Life Reprise


Eric Vale Epic Fail (2015)

Eric Vale, Epic Fail is based on the book by Michael Gerard Bauer and illustrated by Joe Bauer, adapted for the stage by Cassandra Ramsay and Timothy Wynn, and was presented as part of the 2015 StoryArts Festival at Studio 188, Ipswich. Music and lyrics by Lizzie Flynn.

Eric Vale isn’t likely to forget the day his name became synonymous with ‘Epic Fail’ anytime soon. Neither, it seems, is the Year Five class at Moreton Hill Primary School. This is a story about one boy’s dogged determination to rewrite his past by doing something undeniably awesome so that no one can say otherwise.

Following the success of their 2013 adaptation of Pat Flynn’s The Tuckshop Kid, THAT Production Company are bringing another classic children’s book to the stage for the 2015 StoryArts Festival Ipswich – the runaway hit from Michael Bauer Eric Vale, Epic Fail.

More Info: That Production Company – Eric Vale Epic Fail
Watch teaser video – Eric Vale Epic Fail

Song Titles: Eric Vale Epic Fail, Secret Agent Derek Danger Dale, Preparing for the Worst, Annual Moreton Hill Primary School Carnival, Knights and Princesses


The Tuckshop Kid (2013)

The Tuckshop Kid was presented by That Production Company. The book, by Pat Flynn, was adapted by Timothy Wynn and Cassandra Ramsay. It was presented as part of the 2013 StoryArts Festival at Studio 188 Ipswich. Music and lyrics by Lizzie Flynn.

Synopsis: Hungry? Need Lunch? Mum’s packed you curried banana and pickle sandwiches again? Only got a $1.25 to your name? Then you need to see Matt, because Matt has an amazing talent . . . Some kids are good at footy, or handball, or tennis. Not Matt, though. Matt is an expert at Tuckshop. ($1.25 = sausage roll and small choc milk, by the way . . . ) In the dog-eat-pie world of the playground, when your best friend is the lunch lady, and hunger can be just around the corner, someone like Matt can go a long way. But of course, being the best at anything does have its problems.

Song Titles: The Tuckshop Kid, Kayla’s Theme, Healthy Eating Plan, Kayla’s Reprise


Beeware (2008)

Presented by Out of the Box Festival in Brisbane from the book by Pat Flynn, with music and lyrics by Lizzie Flynn and presented by That Production Company.

Beeware, is the first book in The Adventures of Danny, a series for 7-12 year olds, written by Pat Flynn. Danny is a typical young boy, the middle child in a family that also contains big brother Tommy, and little sister Katy. Like many boys, Danny’s sense of adventure, bravado and imagination frequently land him in all sorts of trouble.

It covered the trials and tribulations of a schoolboy, Danny, as he battled it out with a mad magpie, angry bees and a pesky mosquito, not to mention his brother and sister! Using the form of performative storytelling, music and dance, the award winning Queensland author and storyteller Pat Flynn and musician Lizzie Flynn brought the adventurous tale of Danny to life.

Song titles: Beeware, The Mozzie Song, A Shark Stole My Pants, Swoop Swoop, A Dog Named Killa