Closing Soiree: Cabaret in the 21st Century

2:00 pm
Closing Soiree: Cabaret in the 21st Century - Queensland Cabaret Festival
The Old Museum, Bowen Hills
Closing Soiree: Cabaret in the 21st Century
Lizzie Flynn

Sunday 30 June 2019, Doors to Theatre 1.30 pm, Foyer/Box office 1.00 pm, Show 2.00 Pm
Tickets – Adult $45, Concession $35

What is Cabaret in the 21st Century? What isn’t it? Where is it going? Where did it come from? Why is it here? Why does Australia have more cabaret festivals than anywhere in the world? These questions and more will be prodded, poked and turned into musical entertainment at the Closing Gala of the 2019 Queensland Cabaret Festival.

Join the expert line-up of performers – Alison St Ledger (Women In Voice), Annie Lee (The Kransky Sisters), Tyrone Noonan (george), Sandro Colarelli (cabaret performer extraordinaire) and your hostess Selma Soul (The Voice) – for an afternoon of singing, philosophising and satirising over a few wines in the beautiful Concert Hall of The Old Museum.

It’s one part Ted X talk – where the presenters can (and will) break into song at any moment – and nine parts Gala, culminating in a mini-cabaret show of the songs of David Bowie by Alison St Ledger. Interweaving with this tour de force of singers will be a constant stream of exponents of 21st Century Cabaret including Simon Chamberlain, Lisa Lacelle, Jacob Bradford, Lizzie Flynn, Ella Macrokanis, Matthew Semple and Dustbin Hoffmans backed by some of Brisbane’s best musicians.

Lots of music, lots of comedy, lots of questions and almost as many answers at this closing event of the 2019 Cabfest… Come along and get involved in the conversation of ‘What is Cabaret?’